I'm sorry to announce that CentricFolio tools need to be shut down. Recent events with the Centric group has led me to lose all confidence.

A character called Big Pump publicly insulted me and sought to destroy my character after I suggested some valid ideas to help community communications. And after I quietly agreed to disagree, he continued to harass me in public. All my responses were selectively censored instead.

Therefore, Big Punk and his cronies continue to push their one-sided narratives.

I do not want to host a tool-site that could mislead anyone to a false hopes.
I had long believed and hoped for the success of this project, while suppressing some of these concerns:

- CNS supply is growing much faster than CNR burn. We'll need a lot more real utilities to go the right direction towards consensus (if at all).
- Roadmap goals are open ended(no due dates), and they refuse to give progress updates.
- Team continues to suppress all matters of real concern.
- 3 CEO turnover fails within 2 years. Although Joel deserves a good commendation, Gabby and Mark were a total wash.

It has been quite the run. I'm not fudding or trolling this to buy your dumps.
I'm not the team and never have been. Therefore, I have no clue on what's going on. So, direct all your questions to them.

Do your research and decide for yourselves.
Stay safe.
Oct 2022